When it’s essential to have uniformed security officers onsite to secure your property, Compass is the ideal partner.

We do much more than just send you a person in a uniform.  We work with you to identify the special needs for your site, and then we hire and train our officers to meet those specific needs.

Providing on-site security doesn’t end with hiring people and developing post orders.  We meet with your point person weekly to insure a smooth transition.  These weekly meetings will help to determine any unexpected requirements.  And after we have been onsite, we will continue to lead monthly meetings with you to ensure that our service is meeting your expectations.  Whether your site is a gated community or a manufacturing plant, we employ the right people to support your ongoing security needs.

  • Armed/Unarmed
  • Hospital Trained Officers
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Gated Communities

Let us meet with you and share how we can improve your onsite security through our unique approach.  We will improve your appearance and your over-all security with our blend of man power and technology.

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