Heath Care security is the most challenging physical security there is. At Compass, we understand that, and we can help.

Are you a facility director, tasked with ensuring the safety and security of patients and staff?  Allow our trained managers to help in the assessment of your Interim Life Safety Measures, and let us to take a seat at the table to help you complete your EOC reports.

Do you need a Department Safety Officer?  Allow us to serve as that role for you and free you up. Compass can also man your facility with security officers that are trained in Nonviolent Crisis Intervention.  And we can provide you with a 1013 sitter officer that will free up either your current security or your nursing staff.

A partnership with Compass Security Solutions doesn’t stop with security officers and security managers. We are your one stop shop for all of your physical security needs.  Contact us today and let’s talk to determine how Compass can provide you with the very best solutions for your needs.


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