Thief caught on first test of system; Customer now realizing $45,500 per year in annual savings, with a much more effective system in place.

A Northeast Georgia manufacturer was facing rising cost in security due to continued theft. They were a hot target for copper thieves, as they utilized over $30 million per year in copper to manufacture their product. As most business under these circumstances, their first thought was to bring in more manned hours of security.

At the time, their solution was costing $166,000 per year for manned security officers. And they wanted to place even more officers at the back of the plant to observe anyone that may approach from the woods. These additional officers would have added another $58,000 per year, taking them up to $224,000 per year for security. And even with all of the added security,  they could not be sure that they would stop the theft.

Enter Compass Security Solutions. The first challenge we noticed was the large size of the complex had multiple areas of approach available for anyone who may want to steal from them. There were also not enough lights on the back of the facility to see anyone approaching. This gave the criminals plenty of areas to hide and stage their activities. Compass designed a thermal solution to cover ALL areas of approach. With these thermal cameras there was no need to add additional officers or lights to the back of the building. This customer was able to remove additional hours from manned security, saving them $45,500 per year.

The very first time someone attempted to test the new security, they were apprehended and arrested. And so not only do they now have a security solution in place that will stop all theft, they are saving $120,500 per year.

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