Thomas Frey, President – from uniformed security officer to President.

Thomas Frey grew up in the security business, under the watchful eye of his father, Tom Frey. Thomas started with continuing his father’s hallmark tradition of providing excellent security officers, but it did not take long for Thomas to become an innovator, disrupter, and leader in the complete security solutions business. Compass’ solutions are much better than the standard brands on the market and indeed, render most of the existing systems at most businesses obsolete. It is Thomas’ solemn commitment and mission to be at the forefront of security solutions for the businesses Compass serves.

Email: Phone: 770-388-3625 Ext. 1206



Courtney Frey, Comptroller – a knack for numbers and an artist too!

Courtney Frey joined the rapidly growing company in 2013 as Comptroller. Thomas Frey’s partner in life became his partner in business too, serving to keep the accounting straight and manage the day-to-day workings of the business. Additionally, Courtney produces most of the graphic design for the company.

Email: Phone: 770-388-3625 Ext. 1205



Nathan Kustes, VP of Operations Mid-South – go west (uh, north) young man!

Nathan Kustes joined the company in 2019 and operates Compass Security Solution’s first venture in the company’s nationwide expansion plan in Louisville, KY. Nathan spent many years working for Honeywell manufacturing as inside support and then as an integrator lead. Before joining the Compass team, Nathan worked for Vivotek as A&E and National Account Director. Nathan is doing a brisk business in the Louisville area as the Compass Security Solutions being offered are far more sophisticated and effective than what is commonly found in the area.

Email: Phone: 502-873-6031



Mark Frost, National Director of Sales, Automotive & Retail – from using it to selling it!

Mark Frost joined Compass Security Solutions in 2020 to head our nationwide expansion of the automobile dealership and retail business. Mark comes to the company with over 20 years of dealership executive management, including 13 years with Jim Ellis in Atlanta and seven years with Akins Ford in Winder, GA. While on the dealership side of the business, Mark was a client of Compass’ and the stellar results, reduction in losses, and effectiveness were so compelling, Mark joined the Compass team!

Email: Phone: 770-388-3625 Ext. 1211



Charlie McRoberts, Senior Account Manager – relationship building is his specialty!

Compass was proud to add Charlie McRoberts to the team in 2021 – there are few in the security business with the amount of quality experience that Charlie has! Charlie started his security career as 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army Military Police and then nine years with Wells Fargo Alarm Services before moving on to be the Atlanta VP of Operations for Mastiff Security System. Charlie then expanded the breadth of his skills by being an early adopter of Building Information Modeling software with the ROI Corporation and Reed Construction Data. Returning to the security field, Charlie has since marked his career with outstanding accomplishments in sales with system integrators such as Alscan and GC&E Systems Group.

Email: Phone: 678-491-5359



Tyler Flatt, Regional Sales Manager Mid-South – a big development in new development!

Tyler joins Nathan’s team at our Louisville, KY office to head up new business, specializing in the construction industry. Tyler comes to us from BLR (Business & Legal Resources, Inc.), a company specializing in safety and employment law compliance. Before BLR, Tyler provided in-person and facility security for high-level events. When Tyler isn’t protecting construction companies’ job sites, he can be
found in the great outdoors running his bird dogs!

Email: Phone: 630-664-7606



Brad Long, VP of Operations – our own technology wizard!

Brad Long has worn many technological hats over the last 20 years. Brad’s experience as a teacher, database administrator, technology trainer, project manager, video analyst, and consultant has rendered Brad extraordinarily equipped to tackle the demands of today’s exponentially evolving technology. Brad joined Compass Security Solutions in 2015 and was an essential part of the company’s grow. In 2019, he was promoted to Vice President of Operations and lead’s Compass’ efforts to make sure every system install is flawless and stays that way!

Email: Phone: 770-388-3625 Ext. 1208



Mallory Utterback, VP of Human Resources – energy, enthusiasm, and passion: for people!

Mallory Utterback joined Compass Security Solutions as a dispatcher in 2015 and due to her exceptional attitude and accomplishments in that role, Mallory quickly climbed the Compass Security Solutions ladder to a client support role in 2016, and then, in 2020, was named the Vice President of Human Resources. Mallory is a primary contact for our clients too and can always be counted on to provide a sunny and professional attitude to all she does.

Email: Phone: 770-388-3625 Ext. 1202



Jamie Foster, Client Services Director – our clients love her!

Jamie Foster came to Compass Security Solutions in 2018 after ten years of customer service experience and five year of management experience with related companies. Jamie has a wide range of responsibilities, including relationships with clients, employees, and vendors.

Email: Phone: 770-388-3625 Ext. 1207



Coswaine McDonald, Security Lieutenant – leader of Compass’ security force!

Coswaine McDonald enjoyed many years working in accounting in his native Jamaica, but came to Compass in 2014 as a security officer. Coswaine quickly rose in the ranks and in 2015, as Compass’ lead security officer, became the commander of an ever-growing team of dedicated officers. Coswaine and the standards he sets are a compelling contribution as to why Compass is superior to other security companies.


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