From Uniformed Security Officer to President, Thomas Frey brings a lifetime of involvement to his leadership role.

Thomas Frey grew up in the security business.  His father Tom Frey started the company in 1991 with the thought of providing the best security officer for the price in the metro Atlanta area.  In 1998 Thomas Frey started working for his father, as a uniformed security officer.  To this day he keeps the calendar from his first year, showing how many days he worked.

Thomas grew with the company and became a site supervisor and area supervisor.  Eventually Thomas moved into the office and started selling the uniformed security service.  Thomas has been a part of all of the expansion of the company, whether acquiring other security firms or expanding into other states or services.

Thomas feels that as long as Compass can have the best trained security officers it can provide the best service for its customers, which comes directly from his father’s philosophy.  This has spilled over to the integration side, where Compass strives to employ only the best trained technicians, and use only top equipment. It is these ideals that poise Compass for another 25 years of success, and beyond.

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